Danielle Plourde
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Memorial Candles
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CindyPaw CindyPawFO lit a candle on 07/26/2019: "Hi, a have one question. What all people doing here? Why we dont living with real life?"
Kevinweets KevinweetsVG lit a candle on 03/16/2019: "over the counter medicine for vomiting is healthcare administration a good career best anti inflammatory medicine"
Daddy Just Missing You lit a candle on 08/19/2016: "Just stopping by to let you know how much you are missed each and every day!"
Bailey Dowler lit a candle on 01/04/2016: "Happy 21st Birthday!"
Janet-Alex's Mama lit a candle on 02/19/2014: "Lighting a candle in your memory today Danielle Marie. Thinking of your wonderful Daddy, Mama and brother this week!!"
Daddy MISSING YOU!!! lit a candle on 12/18/2013: "This time of year is so difficult without you Daniele Marie. I miss you so much!"
Mom Of Angel Shauna Ward lit a candle on 10/17/2013: "God has you in his arms Danielle, you are a beautiful Angel, let your parents feel your presence."
Daddy Miss You: lit a candle on 04/18/2013: "Love you and miss you, love you and miss you, love you and miss you, love you and miss you!!!!"
Mommy lit a candle on 02/20/2013: "Thinking of you today like I do every day and missing you so much Love to heaven and back! Mom"
Daddy... Thinking Of You... lit a candle on 10/12/2012: "How I miss you can not be expressd in words. Each day is a new challange to face. Love you and miss you Danielle!"
Daddy...Wishing You Were Here! lit a candle on 07/30/2012: "Thoughs I have of what you could be now hurt so deep. Life is so empty without you!"
Daddy: I. Miss You Each And Every Day! lit a candle on 05/07/2012: "Life is so difficult without you here! So many things we are missing in your life! We Love you to heaven and back!"
Daddy: Another Day Without You... lit a candle on 04/09/2012: "Another Easter has come and gone. The pain of your death still lingers on. Love and miss you forever."
Daddy: Miss You, Miss You, LOVE You! lit a candle on 02/23/2012: "Miss you everyday in every way. Same heartache, same tears everyday! Love You Danielle!"
Mia lit a candle on 02/21/2012: "Sorry I'm a day late with the candle....I thought today was the 20th."
Mia lit a candle on 02/21/2012: "Think of you often but especially today. Send lots of kisses to you mom and dad and everyone here that misses you."
Tina Gonzalez lit a candle on 02/20/2012: "You're in my heart forever little girl. Today and always!!"
Vickey (GP) lit a candle on 02/20/2012: "I light this candle to your memory, lovely angel."
Gonzalez Tina lit a candle on 01/27/2012: "I found some pix this past weekend & u r in so many. Miss your happy little face. Keep Smiling Angel D!!!"
Daddy...Forever In My HEART... lit a candle on 01/26/2012: "Another day without you...the pain never ends. I love and miss you so much! I love you Danielle!"
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