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My dearest friend  / Allison Sargunas (Friend)  Read >>
My dearest friend  / Allison Sargunas (Friend)
Today has just been one of those days that I cannot get you out of my mind. It happens more often than you would expect. Even though it has been years, it still feels like just yesterday we were running around together like the fools that we were. Gosh, we had some good times together. I remember all of our sleepovers and pool parties. You were the one to teach me how to do a backflip under water. You were so happy when I finally did it. We were each others own personal cheerleaders. I hope your cheering me on from up there. I miss you so much. Life is tough without your best friend by your side, and that's exactly what you were and will always be, my best friend. I will see you again, my friend, and then maybe you'll get to answer all the questions I've asked you over the years, just so I know I'm not going crazy and talking to myself. Hahaha. Close
Remembering Danielle on her special day  / Debbie Feinberg (GP member )  Read >>
Remembering Danielle on her special day  / Debbie Feinberg (GP member )
Dear Bernice and John Please know I am thinking of you and your dear daughter Danielle as her birthdate approaches. Wishing you a gentle days. Close
I am sorry  / Linda Gillam (Passerby-mom to Shauna Ward )  Read >>
I am sorry  / Linda Gillam (Passerby-mom to Shauna Ward )

I m so sorry for your loss.  Danielle is a beautiful girl and I am so sorry that you won't have the future with your sweet daughter. 

You had visited my daughters site on here and left the most beautiful message for us.  I just saw it today and I just wanted to stop by and tell you thank you.  My daughter's 6th year of receiving her Angel Wings has just passed the 15th of October.  I am still in such sadness over losing Shauna as I am sure you are also with losing Danielle.  No parent should be put through such pain.  I will never be the same person that I was before Shauna's death, I am turning mean and I don't like the new me at all.  This journey of ours is one I never saw myself on.  Shauna was my only child so when she passed away I lost all hope of ever seeing her get married have kids and make me a grand-mom.  I lost my whole future when she passed away. 

I have learned that time is so precious to us.  We never know when we will be taken from this earth.  Again thank you for visiting Shauna's site.


God Bless you and your family.

Linda Gillam


Sweet Danielle  / Natalie (Auntie :) )  Read >>
Sweet Danielle  / Natalie (Auntie :) )
17 years old! I know you must be growing into a beautiful young lady in Heaven! I can only imagine what an awesome party you are having!! Your celebration is surely a glorious one! I will be remembering you today on your birthday and will blow out a candle for you on my cupcake. You were a beautiful child here on Earth and must be one of the Lord's brightest Angels in Heaven. I am sure your Mom and Dad can see you shining down on  them when they look to the Heavens at  night. Please send them a special sign today. They will NEVER stop missing you, missing your smile, your laugh, your I love yous. Let them feel your warm embrace as they sit today thinking of you. Let them feel your sweet touch as you wipe their tears away.
You will never be forgotten and I know all the love we are sending you will only make you shine brighter!
Happy 17th Birthday sweet Danielle!!!
Love, Nat. Close
Christmas Memories to Share  / Daddy (Loving Father )  Read >>
Christmas Memories to Share  / Daddy (Loving Father )
Christmas Memories
by: Arden Lansing

When snowflakes dance on winter winds
And colored lights shine Christmas cheer,
When children's laughter fills the air
And family gathers from far and near,
I try to celebrate with them
And not let my hurting show,
But the empty spaces within my heart,
At this season, seems to grow

'Till oftentimes it fills the days
And many nighttimes too,
With aching thoughts and memories
Of Christmases I spent with you.

Yes, memories do hurt, it's true
But I have this feeling too.
I'm so glad I hold these memories,
For with them I hold part of you.

So for now I'll wipe away the tears
And join with loved ones dear
To celebrate this Christmas time,
For I know that, in my heart, you're here.
Danielle / Terri Churchill (none)  Read >>
Danielle / Terri Churchill (none)
What a beautiful tribute to your wonderful angel Danielle. I understand the depth of your sorrow for I share in it since the death of my angel Amanda.  Close
You DIed...  / Daddy (Daddy Forever )  Read >>
You DIed...  / Daddy (Daddy Forever )

You Died...

You died without warning you died without reason.
We mourn your death each day season after season.
Each day without you is so difficult for your mom and me
We wish with each breath we take wish it never had to be.
Your life was filled with so much happiness and love
We hope you are happy in your heavenly home above.
We Love you Danielle Marie…Always.

Sweet Sixteen  / Natalie (Friend)  Read >>
Sweet Sixteen  / Natalie (Friend)
I am remembering you today with your mom dad and brother. Today you would be sweet sixteen. And knowing your dad you would have had a great birthday bash. Those of us left here can only imagine the celebration you are having in Heaven surrounded by family and friends basking in the glory of the Lord. Please stay near your family today giving them extra signs and Angel kisses. They should be celebrating not remembering.
Happy sweet sixteen Danielle
Love Natalie Close
... / Danielle L. (none)  Read >>
... / Danielle L. (none)
I accidently stumbled across this site and thought I would leave you with some kind words. As someone who has lost a loved one I can relate to your pain.
I wanted to let you know that in all the photos of Danielle Marie she looks very happy. She left this world being loved and cared for and that's what matters most.
I know nothing anyone can say will ease the pain but remember time does heal all wounds even though the scars remain.
One of my favourite songs is "As your voice fades" by Emery:

Somebody please tell me
What am I suppose to do?
You died and I'm here
Thinking that I hear your voice
But it's somebody else -
It's always somebody else.
Why did you die?
Don't leave me please
I beg you God tonight bring me peace.
I'll never sleep without the dreams of you alive here with me.
The brightness left your eyes
As I held your face
Don't tell me it's the right time
And your last words will sustain me
Until my end...until I see you again.
While words evade me
I'll cling to remember you
And what you have meant to me
could never be forgotten.
The chains of death have fallen away
but my heart still beats
It longs for the day
when we will be as one Close
So sorry  / Janet Field (none)  Read >>
So sorry  / Janet Field (none)
Our children should not die before their parents.I know your pain. You are in my prayersGod bless you !! Close
Beautiful words  / Melissa Waldorf (mother of Skylar Renee' )  Read >>
Beautiful words  / Melissa Waldorf (mother of Skylar Renee' )


    Thank you for your beautiful words.This is like no other pain I have felt before as you know just as I do.It will be 9 months this saturday that my baby girl was taken.I take it day by day minute by minute hour by hour.If Skylar Renee' was my only child I probably would have given up by now but I have to great kids that need me. I never thought this would happen to our family..Thank you for reaching out to me with your kind words it truly means alot.I am sorry that you are also going through the pain of lossing a beautiful daughter please accept my condolences..


Beautiful Danielle  / Natalie   Read >>
Beautiful Danielle  / Natalie

John Bernice & Jonathan

You are all in my prayers today as you remember your beautiful Danielle. She will be honored today from GA as we release our flowers today for the children.

Love Natalie

Rememberng you Danielle  / Natalie (mom to Angel friend )  Read >>
Rememberng you Danielle  / Natalie (mom to Angel friend )


I am remembering you today with your family. Please allow them to feel your love warmth and happiness today as they must remember their last day with you. Send them lots of signs letting them know how beautiful the music the songs and your life is now in Heaven. I know how proud you must be of your family as they carry on without you. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily!!

Love Natalie

condolences / Claudia Baio (Friend of John's )  Read >>
condolences / Claudia Baio (Friend of John's )
John what a sad tradegy. I am so sorry for the loss to you adn your family. My thoughts adn prayers are with you. Close
Dear Danielle,  / Natalie Camp   Read >>
Dear Danielle,  / Natalie Camp

Danielle you are always in my prayers that you are flying high singing and dancing in the presence of the Lord. I know you are a beautiful Angel in Heaven. I know you must be so proud of your mom dad and Jonathan for how graceful they carry their loss. Your mother is an inspiration for many others because of all that she has been through yet she continues to be so gracious and thoughtful of others. She continues to help so many people in her work. Your father inspires us all and pushes us to be better ( I know you know about his beautiful quotes)... and because of him we are better. And your brother is becoming a handsome young man and he makes your parents very proud. But I know they miss you so much. They long to hold you in their arms see your beautiful smile and just breathe in the smell of you. Their heart is broken and has been pieced back together their faith is the glue. They know they will rejoin you in Heaven and will never have to leave you again. But until that glorious day please stay close to them let them feel the warmth of your love and send them lots of signs. Rest in Peace Beautiful Danielle you will always be remembered and loved by many many people including me.

With Love Always Natalie Ant's mom

On Danielle's 15th Birthday  / Vickey O'Nea Woodward (GP Mom to my Michelle & David )  Read >>
On Danielle's 15th Birthday  / Vickey O'Nea Woodward (GP Mom to my Michelle & David )
As your family commemorates Danielle's birthday keep your hearts open to her love and the memories that built it into such a strong part of your lives.  My warmest thoughts are with you. Close
Thinking of you  / Cheryl Brule (GP member )  Read >>
Thinking of you  / Cheryl Brule (GP member )

Thinking of you John and your family on this day of remembrance of beautiful Danielle Marie.  My prayers go out to you on this day. 


With love and hope


Caleb's mom

Dear John  / Nick's Mom (friend)  Read >>
Dear John  / Nick's Mom (friend)
  I sit and read your passages about how you feel. I hear all the same words and I have all the same answers as you. They have no idea how much it hurts. I like you pray they will never know. I am not going to fill this message with eords of encouragement just know that I am hugging you and cring with you.....with all the same hopes that heaven is real and we will hold them again someday. My prayers are with you and your family.  .....Lisa Close
Thinking of you  / Cheryl (Grieving parents site )  Read >>
Thinking of you  / Cheryl (Grieving parents site )
So sorry about the loss of your beautiful daughter Danielle.  What beautiful memorial tributes that have been placed in her honor.  She will be forever remembered.  Her life mattered.  With love and hope Cheryl Close
Heavenly buddies  / Wanda Howard (Danielle and my daughter Miranda are heavenly buddies. )  Read >>
Heavenly buddies  / Wanda Howard (Danielle and my daughter Miranda are heavenly buddies. )
Dear John

My name is Wanda Howard I lost my 23 year old daughter to papillary renal cell cancer 19 months ago we found all of this out when Miranda gave birth to her only child and my only grandchild Kylee Jayne that also died at birth because of this disease. I know how much you must miss your daughter and how precious she is too you I will think of her often and keep you and your family in my prayers and my work.

                                                    Bless you John
                                                your friend wanda!! Close
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