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Danielle Marie Plourde  

To Be With You Again

 We think of you in silence
And often speak your name
But all that's left to answer
Is your picture in a frame.
If we could have one lifetime wish
One dream that would come true
We would pray to God with all our hearts
For yesterday and you.
And heartaches make a lane
We would walk our way to Heaven
To Be With You Again!

-Author Unknown-

Our Daughter, Danielle Marie  

Danielle was born on a VERY cold January 4th in 1995 in Hartford, Connecticut.

To the proud parents of John & Bernice Plourde, she was a perfect, healthy and beautiful baby girl with dark hair and blue eyes. She was very happy baby and loved her big brother. Danielle was very curious about EVERYTHING she had so many what and why questions as a young toddler. Danielle LOVED to have stories read to her and became an excellent reader also. She LOVED to read to her younger cousins as they stared at her in awe. She loved other babies and was a “little mother” to all her cousins born after her helping to bath, change, dress and even helping their mommies feed them. There was ALWAYS a favorite doll that Danielle would “practice” her mommy skills on. Danielle had the unique distinction of being the ONLY little girl in our family. Both her aunts had only boys (6 in all). Danielle NEVER let that bother her; she LOVED to get just as rough and dirty as her cousins and brother. She also had a very special love for her family. She was a true light in our lives.
Danielle made instant friends with any other child she met. She loved the outdoors and was a true nature lover (except for those pesky bees). She enjoyed outdoor sports from a very early age and played TBall, soccer, swimming, basketball and then found her true love playing girls softball. She was an excellent player and a true teammate.
Danielle was an excellent student who had a gift for reading, history and LOVED math. She received all A’s and B’s during her 5 years in grammar school. She continued developing her reading skills and a reading buddy to her younger schoolmates. She was active in her school community becoming a very good violin player and being elected to the advanced orchestra. She never minded practicing and enjoyed playing music with her friends. She loved to dance in her basement family room with a couple of her closest friends and sing along with her Karaoke machine. She also loved to play the electronic keyboard that her uncle David gave to her.
Danielle loved spending time with her Girl Scout troop. She was very active in every event and community service project that she could participate in. She advanced in her skills and a person and a young lady.
Danielle enjoyed spending time with her family. Each holiday was very special when our family would be together and Danielle and her cousins had a good time and were all exhausted at the end of the day. Danielle’s life was full of laughter, love and adventure. She was a very special young lady, loved and cherished by many. Danielle Marie was a fun loving, happy young lady who was talented and succeeded in any task or challenge that she would take on.
On February 20th, 2006 at 11 years and 47 days old, our precious and life-loving daughter, Danielle Marie died at 10:59am in an automobile collision in Sturbridge, MA. She died of a massive traumatic head injury and was pronounced dead at the scene. My wife and son (13) were also in our SUV, which was broadsided by a tractor-trailer who lost control after being hit by a car who went through the intersection. My wife was critically injured (head injury) spent several days in the hospital and is since recovering at home. My son was not injured in the accident (physically). 
            Her family will NEVER share the experience of watching her grow into a teen, graduate high school, mature into a young adult and finally a wonderful, loving woman. We will never experience the joy of helping guide her through her life, answering her questions, supporting and helping her through the “growing pains” that we all must face. We will never watch her experience the happiness and heartbreak of falling in love; perhaps getting married and becoming a mother and raising her own children. Our future with our beloved daughter was RECKLESSLY AND ABRUPTULY STOLEN from us that terrible day.
On Saturday March 25, 2006 we said our final goodbyes to our beautiful, wonderful, young daughter as we buried her. Danielle Marie was a huge part of our lives, which was taken away that day and can never be replaced. We will miss Danielle Marie each and every day forever.

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